Let's Dive In

About Us

School Provision

LDI offers curriculum swimming for local primary schools based at Claire’s Court Girls Pool and has operated termly swimming for Furze Platt Junior School since 2019.

In summer 2023 we provided All Saints Junior School Top Up swimming for year 6’s who could not swim to learn the basic skills before moving to Secondary school.

We have also delivered curriculum swimming in 2019 and 2021 for Claire’s Court Junior Boys school. As well as supporting St Luke’s School with their school swimming programme in 2019.

School Provision

Let’s Dive In works in partnership with schools to help them to achieve the National Key Stage 2 requirements for swimming.

All Teachers are fully qualified, DBS checked, Swim Teacher Rescue Tested and take part in ongoing continuous professional development. Benefits of Let’s Dive in delivery are:

  • Low ratio of pupil to swimming teacher increasing learning opportunities
  • Warm pool water-heated to 29 degree Celsius helping learning and enjoyment
  • Local venue that pupils can walk to taking part in their Daily Mile activity.
  • Range of swimming equipment for non-swimmers to build water confidence
  • Provision of spare equipment for pupils who do not have their own goggles
  • LDI and school jointly branded Swim hats provided for pupils
  • Sole use of facility by your school avoiding public interaction, safer management of pupils at the venue and adequate pool space for each pupil.
  • Water safety element (Swim England swim safe session)  included in the programme as required by KS2 curriculum
  • LDI to offer pupils follow on opportunities to continue swimming in the school holidays and term time at their own cost.
  • Electronic pupil tracker on pupils progress to identify future intervention resources
  • Pre-lesson consultation (web based) with pupils and parents on previous swimming experience to enable pupils to be grouped appropriately from the first lesson
  • Increased water confidence especially for those nervous around the water
  • Assessment of pupils using the Swim England School Charter for Swimming measuring swimmers progress
  • End of term Swim England Swimming Passport for each pupil for the school to award.

Furze Platt Junior School took the decision in 2019 to commission Let’s Dive In! (LDI) to deliver their school swimming programme, which is summer term sessions for all year 3 pupils as well as year 6 Key Stage 2 assessments.

Claire’s Court Girls School, for the first time provided community access to their pool on College Avenue campus for FPJS programme.

Pupils walked to the pool for their lessons getting in their Daily Mile. LDI staff delivered the Swim England School Swimming Charter programme which includes a session on water safety and how to self rescue. 

LDI team were delighted with all the pupils progress. 20 pupils who couldn’t swim at the beginning of the term could now travel in the water. 1:1 teaching support was also provided to a pupil with physical disabilities to ensure the whole year group could take part in the sessions.

Year 6 pupils benefited from a separate session which coincided with RLSS Drowning Prevention week to help raise awareness of open water.

The overall winners of the award, Kirk Ella primary have their own school pool and are already recognised by Swim England and Youth Sport Trust as an example of best practice for swimming in the Country.

We couldn’t be more delighted with this award for FPJS and look forward to delivering their swimming programme next Summer term.