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Our Locations

Claires Court Junior Boys School

Newlands Girls School

Alexander Devine Hospice

Code of Conduct

Let's Dive In Code of Conduct

  • We ask that all users and parents use the facility with respect and care.
  • Parents will be able to watch the lessons on poolside and are required to stay on poolside during lessons.
  • For the safety of themselves and others, all children must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.
  • If your child has been ill with sickness or diarrhea we ask that they are 48 hours clear before swimming.
  • Shoes must be removed or overshoes worn before entering on to poolside.
  • No food, glassware or crockery is allowed within the pool premises.
  • Plastic/ non-breakable drinking vessels may be allowed at the staff’s discretion.
  • Customers should only access the swimming pool and toilets allocated; under no circumstances should any person access any other areas of the premises. Anyone found away from the designated areas may be asked by the premises owner to leave immediately.
  • No photography is allowed.
  • Parents must take responsibility for all children they bring on site. Do not allow children access to playing fields, hard surface area or playground at any time.
  • Adults must keep all children in their care safe and quiet.
  • People with long hair must wear swimming caps