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Baby & Pre-School

We call our baby and pre-school sessions Happy Hippos and you will spot Hetty the Hippo on your certificates

Baby & Pre-School

Developing water confidence from an early age is really important and helps babies develop their motor skills.

Taking part in at least one term of Parent and Child lessons considerably improves your child’s water confidence and helps them to enjoy swimming before attending on their own.

This approach is also ideal for any children from 2 upwards who are not yet water confident. It also helps parents learn how to support their child in the water and help them progress faster to swimming independently. 

Next steps in our learn to swim programme are our Swim Fin classes with our teachers supporting children to learn to travel with a swim fin before swimming on their own.

In 2022 we launched our LDI Happy Hippos programme and our new development and swim squad pathway. The LDI Happy Hippo programme is delivered in our Parent and Child sessions and as part of our FUNDamentals programme in our beginner swim classes for children aged 3 years upwards.

Hayley Smith, our baby and pre-school expert has developed this programme of Bronze, Silver and Gold Happy Hippo awards which run alongside the Swim England pre-school programme. LDI also has developed our Super Swimmer Award which recognises progress between Stage 1 and Stage 2 for our swimmers.

The new programme which wraps around the Swim England pre-school framework has been very well received by parents and swimmers showing a strong progression into their Stage 1 classes.


Congratulations to our swimmers below who received the first Happy Hippo awards in Summer 2022!